Bibliography on Usnea sp.

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Lichens are a symbiotic association between fungi and algae. The lichens from genus Usnea, from the family Parmeliceae, grow up in trees of all the world. It is estimated that are around +600 species of this genus. In Mesoamerica, the principal species of Usnea, according to GBIF and Herrera, et-al (1998) are:

  • Usnea amabilis
  • Usnea ceratina
  • Usnea cristatula
  • Usnea firma
  • Usnea goniodes
  • Usnea himantodes
  • Usnea longissima
  • Usnea mexicana
  • Usnea rubicunda
  • Usnea papillata
  • Usnea ramillosa
  • Usnea subelegans
  • Usnea transitoria

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First posted December, 2018
Bibliography prepared by Marcella Sarti, FLAAR Mesoamerica (Guatemala).

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