When time and funding permit, each flower (each plant species) will have its own page, and its own PDF, and eventually its own PPT so that professors and students have plenty of material on Guatemala (and Honduras, etc) to study.

Heliconia adflexa, Coban, Guatemala, Hotel Monja Blanca, FLAAR, by Nicholas Hellmuth

This space is for flowers
we have recently found and photographed.

Reports by FLAAR Mesoamerica
on Flora & Fauna of Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo
Peten, Guatemala, Central America

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Bibliography on Musgo de pantano, Sphagnum spp.

Según Bartram (1949) y Salazar, et al. (2000) los musgos del género Sphagnum encontrados en Guatemala son los siguientes:

  • S. compactum
  • S. imbricatum
  • S. limbatum
  • S. magellanicum
  • S. meridense
  • S. sparsum
  • S. subsecundum
  • S. trirameum

PDF, Articles, Books on Sphagnum spp.

Photo by Dr Nicholas Hellmuth with an iPhone Xs

  • ALLEN, B.
  • 1994
  • Moss Flora of Central America, Part 1: Sphagnaceae-Calymperaceae. Vol. 1. Missouri Botanical Garden Press. 242 pages.


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Identification of S. compactum.

Identification of S. imbricatum subsp. austinii.

Information of S. limbatum.

Identification of S. magellanicum.

Information of S. meridense.

Identification of S. subsecundum.


First posted, April 2019
Bibliography prepared by Marcella Sarti, FLAAR Mesoamerica


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